Imperial fleet
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[USA and Europe, around 1910]  Germany wanted to have her “Place in the Sun” just as Britain and France, and behaved like the emperor of a World Power, relying on Germany’s military and economic strength. […]

Sarajevo 1914
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Austria’s heir to the throne assassinated

[Austria-Hungary, 1914] In the East, the Balkans were a “powder keg” that could explode any time. After the great Balkan crisis, the Congress of Berlin 1878 had confirmed Serbia’s, Montenegro’s, Romania’s and Bulgaria’s independence from the […]

Herbestahal, border station between Germany and Belgium
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July Crisis

[Rhineland and Belgium, July 1914] Some days lay after the fatal shots in Sarajevo, Sophie was visiting family and friends at the Rhine, her daughter Lottie, her son-in-law Matthias, her grandchildren Kathi and Walter, and […]

Bonn 1914, mobilization
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Europe at war

[Germany, July/August 1914] During the last weeks, hectic diplomatic activity had been going on behind the scenes, and military leaders were secretly planning for a war. Declarations of war On July 23, Austria-Hungary sent an ultimatum […]

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The Rhine steamer Aimée’s last tour

[Germany, August 1914]  A few days had passed since Kaiser Wilhelm’s war speech. Huge numbers of people were passing through the streets, waving the black-white-red flag of the Kaiserreich (Imperial Germany) and cheering the Kaiser […]

Brussels 1914
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Belgium 1914

[Rhineland and Belgium, summer and autumn 1914] Matthias had been away for a few weeks. Still, the Bonn newspapers were enthusiastic about the large number of volunteers. Hundreds and thousands went to the front to […]

Przemysl fortress, Eastern front, 1914
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Eastern Front 1914

[Germany and Austria-Hungary, late summer 1914] According to Germany’s war strategy, the bulk of the troops were marching through Belgium and Luxemburg against France. Confident that they could defeat France while Russia was still mobilizing its […]

Soup kitchen in the "Stübchen"
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Soup kitchen

[Rhineland, autumn 1914] Jacob looked around in his “Stübchen”. It had ceased to be a colonial goods shop already weeks ago. The shelves were empty and he had stored away his last cocoa stock for Christmas. […]

Wilson 1914
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USA 1914

[USA, 1914] U.S. neutrality When World War I erupted in Europe, President Woodrow Wilson pledged neutrality for the United States. “The United States must be neutral in fact as well as in name during these […]

Carpathian Mountains, 1915
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War year 1915

[Eastern Front, 1915] In 1914, the centre of gravity of the war had been on the Western Front, now it shifted to the Eastern. A gigantic Russian was besieging the mighty fortress Przemysl in Galicia. […]