Bergmann vineyard, 1919
American Forces in Germany

After the war

[Rhineland, 1918] Millions of soldiers had been killed in the war, hundreds of thousands of people were starved to death. There was a lot of hunger, housing shortage and impoverishment. Invalids Many families had lost loved […]

Spartacists, Berlin 1919
American Forces in Germany

Elections on the brink of a civil war

[Germany, 1919] On January 19, 1919, the elections for the National Assembly were held. For the first time ever, women could vote. Also the Bergmann ladies were eager to to so. The center-left “Weimar Coalition” The […]

Weimar 1919
American Forces in Germany

Does our Republic have a chance?

[Germany, 1919] In the elections for the National Assembly on January 19, 1919, women could vote for the first time. The SPD emerged as the strongest faction and built a coalition with the Center Party / […]

Versailles 1919
American Forces in Germany

Versailles Peace Treaty

[Germany and France, 1919] While the National Assembly in Weimar debated, the victorious powers negotiated in Paris. The German delegation was not admitted. The Treaty The conditions for peace were very hard: Germany lost large territories, […]

Fortress Ehrenbreitstein, Coblence
American Forces in Germany

American Forces in Coblenz

[Rhineland, autumn 1919] Chiara in America was relieved that the war was finally over. But still her husband John and his comrades were in Europe. Finally she received another letter from him, posted in Coblenz. Prior […]

Bonn 1919
American Forces in Germany

A family reunion after the war

[Rhineland, autumn 1919] By the end of September, fraternization was finally allowed, and both Germans and American soldiers seemed pleased. On the way to Bonn Some weeks later Chiara and John rode on a train from […]

Kathi and Max
American Forces in Germany


[Rhineland, spring 1920] After their first meeting in Bonn, the reserve between Chiara and John and the German Bergmanns quickly vanished. They talked over the telephone, Chiara sent photos of her children, her mother Amber and […]

Putsch in Berlin, 1920
American Forces in Germany

Kapp-Putsch and Red Ruhr Army

[Germany, March 1920] The first years of the young republic were civil war like. The deep political rift, the hatred and willingness to use violence troubled Kathi und Max. They both were mourning Hugo Haase, chairman […]

Coblence, around 1920
American Forces in Germany

The world is still askew

[Rhineland, 1920] Thank God, the putsch in Berlin and the following Ruhr crisis were over. In Coblenz too it had been days full of tension for the American forces when Reichswehr troops advance more into the […]

A boy wearing an "army coat"
American Forces in Germany

Rebuilding one’s life after the war

[Rhineland, spring 1920] The young Weimar Republic was overshadowed by political turmoil and great need. Many people blamed the republican politicians rather than their wartime leaders for the defeat and the hard Treaty of Versailles. Back […]