Fort McHenry, Baltimore
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British-American War

Napoleon’s wars in Europe, President Madison’s war against England.

Russian campaign 1812, defeated Grande Armée at Beresina
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Napoleon’s defeat

The Bergmann brothers Niklas and Heinrich in Napoleon’s Grande Armée.

Bergmann brothers, at home
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The Bergmanns leave

[Rhineland, around 1815] Hunger and despair in the Grand-Duchy of Berg. Mass emigrations begins.

Niklas and Jenny, Merry Dragon
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No time for books

Great need in Germany. Many emigrant children are illiterate.

Bodmer, Indian village
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The “frontier”

The United States push their border, further and ever further westwards

A revolutionary wearing black-red-gold
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Revolution fails

[America and Germany, 1848/49] In Germany, the revolution of 1848 fails, Lorenz Bergmann must flee.

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Castle Garden

[America, around 1850] Lorenz arrives in New York, with him is an Irish family who escapes famine.