Railroad in Alsace-Lorraine
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A voyage home

[Rhineland, around 1872] Having achieved their aims, Emperor Wilhelm I and Bismarck were milder on the Forty-Eighters. The Prussian authorities granted pardon to Lorenz, and he could finally come for a visit to Germany. Back […]

"Merry Dragon" Country inn
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Uncle Harvey

[America, around 1877] After the Civil War, more and more settlers moved to the West, throughout the prairies and the west new cities came into being, railroads and stagecoaches opened up the West. To the […]

Secretary of the Interior Carl Schurz
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Carl Schurz, the statesman

[America, around 1870/80] Senator (1869-1875, America) Carl Schurz loved his new homeland; here all that he had fought for back then in Germany should become reality. He was now living in St. Louis, and was […]

Rhine front Cologne
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News from Bismarck’s Germany

[America and Germany, around 1880] Germany was united, and a deeply-felt wish of many people had been fulfilled. However, 10 million Austrian Germans lived outside the Empire, and now Prussia’s dominance was overwhelming: it was by […]

New Palais, Park Sanssouci, Potsdam
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Old fatherland and new

[Germany and America, around 1890] In Germany, the year 1888 saw three Emperors: Emperor Wilhelm I died in March, greatly mourned by his country. His son Friedrich III was suffering from incurable laryngeal cancer and died, […]

Rhine at Königswinter around 1900
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Memories of Germany

[Rhineland, around 1893/94] A few weeks later, Lorenz and Annelie were on board of a huge steamer on their way to Germany. The shipping companies competed for size and comfort, soon floating palaces like the Titanic […]

Colonial goods shop in the "Stübchen"
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Colonial goods shop

[Rhineland, around 1893/94] When Count Andras’ and Sophie left, the Count’s loyal batman Jacob had remained with Sophie’s aging parents Anni and Jean, and the three of them had hit it off right away. Jacob had […]

A reception
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Snobbery and caste spirit

[Rhineland, around 1893/94] Although it was a private visit, Count Csabany’s presence attracted attention; after all, he was a well-known diplomat in the service of Germany’s ally Austria-Hungary. A weird ball The ball season was in […]

Ellis Island
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Lady Liberty and Ellis Island

[America, 1895] Two years after Lorenz and Annelie’s visit to Germany, Sophie’s dream had come true. With her daughter Lottie and her son-in-law Matthias she stood at the southern tip of Manhattan, looking out over the […]

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Family bonds

[America, around 1911] For generations, the Bergmanns on both sides of the Atlantic had always kept closely in touch. Since her childhood, Amber’s daughter Chiara had received many postcards from the Rhineland and posted them into […]