Merry Dragon Country Inn

Andy and Cathy jointly open a country inn named “Merry Dragon Inn”, remembering Andy’s home in the Seven Mountains. Above the entrance is a large, cheerful-looking dragon carved by Andy himself. Bradock and Sean supply them with fresh bread and vegetables from their farm. Soon they welcome people from different parts of America, and sometimes people who came from even farther away places.

Niklas and his wife Jenny run the “Merry Dragon”. More than that, they supported the small school in their town and helped many children learn to read and write. Once a week they came to “Merry Dragon”, sat at the table that Jenny’s grandfather Ambrose had made for children, and each child got a plate made by Jenny, covered with pastry, and then they read together.

Lorenz and his wife Annelie have taken over the “Merry Dragon” country inn. During the war, it is turned into a field hospital.

The Secession war rages in the United States. During the fighting in the Shenandoah Valley, a bunch of militia fighters who had long since become criminals, assault the vineyard. The whole family, on both sides of the Atlantic, is devastated. After the war, Lena and Emil travel to the USA to help rebuild it.

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