Imperial fleet
The Great War


Colonial empires. The great powers divided the world among them.

Herbesthal 1914
The Great War

July Crisis

Hectic diplomatic activity behind the scenes Sophie travels to Belgium.

Bonn 1918, mobilization
The Great War

Europe at war

Diplomacy fails, within a week, Europe is at war. Matthias is drawn.

The Great War

Belgium 1914

German troops invade Belgium. At home, people organize aid programs.

Przemysl, Eastern Front
The Great War

Eastern Front 1914

Joscha Csabany runs his family’s estate in Hungary, turned into back area.

Soup kitchen at the "Stübchen"
The Great War

Soup kitchen

Hunger years. The family is running a soup-kitchen and delivers mail.

US President Wilson, 1914
The Great War

USA 1914

The USA officially remains neutral. No news. Chiara’s worries.

Eastern Front in winter
The Great War

War year 1915

Joscha Csabany runs his family’s estate in Hungary, turned into back area.

Great War, Verdun and Somme
The Great War


At the Western front, a devastating war of attrition rages.

Vienna 1916, Emperor Franz Joseph
The Great War

Austria-Hungary 1916

The Habsburg monarchy is decaying. Shortly after the emperor Count Csabany dies.

Supreme Command
The Great War

No chance for peace

Erzberger’s peace resolution fails. The High Command wants victory at any cost.

Tanks attack, Great War
The Great War

War Year 1918

With more and more U.S. troops arriving, the tide turns in favor of the Allies.

Man at a grave
The Great War

Spanish Flu

A devastating pandemic hits enemies and friends alike. Emil and Lena Bergmann.

Königswinter and Rhine, allied soldier
The Great War


Finally, an armistice is signed in Compiègne. The Rhine-land will be occupied.