Old mill in Germantown, PA
Colonial America

Colonial America (1714-1781)

Part 1 takes place around 1700 in the Rhineland, and then in colonial America. Anton from Bonn and his Mennonite foster son Andy fell in disgrace and had to flee. They found a new home in Pennsylvania.

Bonn around 1700
Colonial America

The Escape

[Rhineland, 1714]  After many years of fighting, the War of the Spanish succession (1701-14) was finally over. But large parts of the region lay in ruins, and many people suffered hardships or were prosecuted.

Map of the colonies
Colonial America

To America

[Atlantic Ocean, 1714]  The coast of Europe became smaller and smaller, then it was out of sight. Anton was feeling anxious and heavy-hearted. He had barely had time to come to terms with what had happened.

Amish family
Colonial America


[America, 1715] On the ship to North America, Anton and Andy had made friends with Irish emigrants and an English lady. Together they settle at the Brandywine Creek, and a new life begins for all of them..

Merry Dragon
Colonial America

Colonial America

[America, around 1725] For ten years Anton and his foster son Andy had been living in Pennsylvania. They had a fine stone house at the Brandywine Creek, and all their friends lived nearby.

Quebec 1760
Colonial America

King George’s War

[America, around 1740] Andy and Cathy, now husband and wife, own a country inn, the “Merry Dragon”. They have two children, Ambrose and his little sister Betty, named after Anton’s beloved wife Lizbeth.

Battle on the Plains of Abraham, 1759
Colonial America

French and Indian War

[America, 1754] England and France, colonial powers and in dispute for supremacy in Europe, fight over the St. Lawrence River in Canada. After the English king, is called King George’s War.

March to Valley Forge
Colonial America

American Revolutionary War

[America, 1776] After winning the French and Indian War, Great Britain was the dominant colonial power. Yet, the war had doubled the British Empires’s national debt, and the Crown sought sources of revenue to pay it off.

USS Constellation
Colonial America

Citizens of the USA

[America, 1781] Finally the Revolutionary War was over, and a new nation had come into being. Ambrose and his relatives returned sound and safe. Also Fritz, the Hessian, could soon go back home to his family.