Kathi and Max

Main characters and family businesses

New Homeland Pennsylvania America Anton Tombach, master-builder in the service of the Elector-Archbishop of Cologne Andrew, also called Andy, his foster son Cathy, his wife, an Irish emigrant Sean, Cathy’s brother, Bradock, their fatherly friend […]

A boy wearing an "army coat"

Family business “Stübchen”

Rhineland, around 1813/14. Napoleon is defeated, his army hastily retreats, and in the Grand Duchy of Berg, the French officials run away, taking the Grand Duchy’s money with them. Grandma Limbach establishes the family business […]

Carl Schurz, 1849

Carl Schurz

“Before I left the house I went for a moment to my study. From the window I had a free outlook on the Rhine and the lovely Seven Mountains. How often, gazing upon this charming […]

Castle Garden, New York

Emigration to North America

History books tell us a lot of emperors and kings, princes and archbishops, but little about people like you and me. Little is known about those people who in the early modern age left their […]


General Henry T. Allen

Major General Allen was in command of the American Forces in Germany from July 1919 until January 1923. Since May 21, 1920 he was also the American representative on the Interallied Rhineland High Commission. For […]