Occupation (1919-1922)

After the defeat of Germany, the Allied occupation of the Rhineland began. Based on their “bridgeheads” in Cologne, Koblenz and Mainz, the Allies formed three occupation zones. The Americans took over the Koblenz area.

Kathi received a phone call from Chiara in Coblenz. The AFG had equipment that they did not need any more and wanted to sell – Kathi should come and bring the fabulous seamstress Helene with her. Two days later they met Chiara in Coblence. She took them to the salesrooms. “Look, big pots and ladles, you can also have canned foot, and here is a big pile of good uniform cloth, it keeps you warm.” Helene was thrilled: “These cloths would make great coats for the children!” Kathi was glowing. “Deal,” she said joyfully and gave Chiara a big hug, “now Grandpa Lorenz would be mighty proud of you!”

When fraternization was finally allowed, Chiara met her German relatives. Lottie and Matthias, whom she knew from their year on the Mountain Men Winery in the United States, their daughter Kathi and their son-in-law Max.

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