The Box in the Attic

It was a rainy Sunday afternoon in a small town in southeastern Pennsylvania. In the attic of the house, which had belonged to his family for many generations already, Nick found a box that he had never seen before. Curious as he was, he opened it.

In it were booklets, yellowed and printed in a font that was not used today. Obviously, these booklets were very old. “New Homeland Pennsylvania”, “Subjects and Citizens,” “Years of War” and “The land of Limitless Possibilities” were the titles.

New homeland? Nick knew that his ancestors had immigrated a longtime ago from Germany.

Carefully, he thumbed through the booklets. Suddenly he was not surprised anymore that his name was Nick, his younger brother’ Anthony, and his sister’ Laurie. Apparently, there had been people in his family with these names before.

“Mountain Man?” A voice called from below, “Are you up there?” And then already the shock of red hair of his best friend Sean appeared, whose ancestors had immigrated from Ireland a long time ago. “Come up,” he told him, “You won’t believe what I have just found here!” Hour after hour they had read. After dinner they had switched on their computer and searched the internet for all these German names and places. And there they were, the Rhine and the Seven Mountains ..

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