Colonial America (1714-1781)

Old mill in Germantown, PA
Old mill in Germantown, PA

Part 1 takes place around 1700 in the Rhineland, and then in colonial America. Anton from Bonn and his Mennonite foster son Andy fell in disgrace and had to flee. They found a new home in Pennsylvania.

“Already as a little girl Betty had enjoyed listening to her grandfather Anton when he spoke of his homeland. Once she had asked him which Indian tribes lived over there at the Rhine. Anton had laughed heartily and then explained in a loving way that Indians live in America only. From then on, Betty took a systematic approach and wrote down everything she learned about America and various European countries.”

Our first chronicler Betty is an emigrants’ child. Her father Andy and her grandfather Anton are from the Rhine, her mother Cathy is Irish. They all had to flee. Now they run a country inn, the “Merry Dragon”. Yet, the wars between the European powers England and France were fought out in North America too. The American War of Independence brought German soldiers into the land, and an encounter with the past.

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