Amish family
Amish family

[America, 1715] On the ship to North America, Anton and Andy had made friends with Irish emigrants and an English lady. Together they settle at the Brandywine Creek, and a new life begins for all of them..

Lady Meredith’s small country house had become a jewel. Working together with his friends and Lady Meredith’s brother Lord Ruben, who had given them a warm welcome, they had quickly built an annex and outbuildings. Andreas, now called Andy by most people, had skillfully turned some older pieces of furniture into real gems. Anton walked through the comfortable rooms and saw the happy faces of his friends. He also felt well. His life back home had gotten off track, but he had found friends, and thanks to them, he could stand on his own feet and start a new life.

Mennonites in Pennsylvania

Lord Ruben, a very tolerant man, made contacts with the Mennonite communities in Pennsylvania and went there with Andy, to search for relatives. Everywhere people were friendly with them, but they could not find any living relatives of Andy. “Thank you for helping me,” the boy said to Lord Ruben on their way back, “these people lead a very secluded life. Will it be always like that?” “To be honest, I don’t know,” Lord Ruben answered, “perhaps some of them will open up a bit to our way of life, whereas others will prefer to stay apart. But don’t forget that the Mennonites are a part of your heritage and honor it, whatever other religions might tell you.”

Brandywine Creek (1715)

Anton and Andy settled near the Brandywine Creek. “Brandywine,” Bradock had said, “Brandy and Wine, that sounds like a good place for us.” Anton had immediately felt comfortable. “Here it is almost like back home in the Seven Mountains, at the Mirbesbach creek. On the way back home from the hills we placed wooden toy boats on the water, and watched them all the way down into the valley.” “Well then,” Bradock said with a beaming smile, “then you can soon do that here with our children and grandchildren!”

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