Carl Schurz, 1849

Carl Schurz

“Before I left the house I went for a moment to my study. From the window I had a free outlook on the Rhine and the lovely Seven Mountains. How often, gazing upon this charming […]


General Henry T. Allen

Major General Allen was in command of the American Forces in Germany from July 1919 until January 1923. Since May 21, 1920 he was also the American representative on the Interallied Rhineland High Commission. For […]

Bonn around 1700
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The Escape

[Rhineland, 1714]  After many years of fighting, the War of the Spanish succession (1701-14) was finally over. Elector-Archbishop Joseph Clemens of Cologne of the powerful Wittelsbach family, who had sided with King Louis XIV of […]

French soldier at the Rhine
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Napoleon at the Rhine

[Rhineland, 1794]  While at the Potomac the new capital came into being, no stone remained unturned in Europe. The French Revolution shattered Europe’s monarchies, soon war broke out. Napoleon and the Rhine frontier (1794-1803, Germany) […]

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The Bergmanns leave

[Rhineland, around 1815] Restoration After the victory over Napoleon, the statesmen of Europe gathered at the Congress of Vienna restored the old order. The whole of the Rhineland, Westphalia, and some other territories fell to […]

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Germany. A Winter’s Tale

[America, around 1845] One evening at home in the “Merry Dragon” inn, Harvey found his father Niklas all immersed in a book. “What are you reading, father?” he asked, “you look sad.” Niklas looked up. “Oh, […]

A young man wearing black-red-gold
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Revolution 1848 in Germany

[America and Germany, 1848/49] In May 1848 one saw a new decoration at the Merry Dragon Inn. Next to the American flag there was a black, red and golden one. Beaming with joy, Niklas shared […]

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Prussian-Austrian War

[America and Germany, 1866] After many months of hard yet fulfilling work at the Mountain Men Vineyard, it was time for Emil and Lena to travel back to Germany. They had fallen in love with the […]

Neuville, Prussian-French War
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Prussian-French War

[Europe and America, 1870/71] In France, Louis Napoleon Bonaparte ruled, a nephew of Napoleon I. After his failure in Mexico, he badly needed a success in his foreign policy. At the same time, the much aggrandized […]

Railroad in Alsace-Lorraine
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A voyage home

[Rhineland, around 1872] Having achieved their aims, Emperor Wilhelm I and Bismarck were milder on the Forty-Eighters. The Prussian authorities granted pardon to Lorenz, and he could finally come for a visit to Germany. Back […]