1852-1871 | Years of War


Part 3 takes place at the time of the American Civil and the German Wars of Unification.

“Lorenz has sent us many of your articles, Harvey,” Lena said, “I admire the way you write about your country and its people who are so individual and manifold, how you want to do justice to all of them, and how you don’t let anyone misuse you for his own purposes. You must not give up now. And please, continue writing down the history of your town, and write about a family that sticks together across an ocean, and over generations.”

Civil War in the USA, Austro-Prussian and Prussian-French, Harvey

Harvey Bergmann, Niklas’ son, is a political journalist. He takes great interest in the events in America and Europe, and he knows the dark side of politics very well. The years of war in the USA have affected also the Bergmann family deeply. But they stick together, across the Atlantic Ocean. Harvey’s German relatives, Emil and Lena, help with reconstruction. And it is Lena who encourages him to continue his father’s work. For Harvey, this is his gift tot he next generation.

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